Corporates Branded Products in Welcome kit

Why are Corporations not Adding Customized Products in their Welcome Kits?

The brand value of the company is the esteem of every organization. Promoting this brand is the need of them to reign all over the world. For this, they need to give welcome gifts to their new employees to satisfy their varied needs and promote their brand value. 

Giving customized products to the employees is considered as the most tiresome job and this is the reason why people avoid giving customized welcome kits to the new joinees. There are some more reasons that you need to know here:

1. Avoid Employee Preferences

Employers often avoid the preferences of the new employees as it needs a survey to know the expectations of them. This is a quiet time- taking so often employers avoid this and hence avoid getting the customized gifts for them such as fashion gifts, kitchen appliances, etch products , jewelry etc.

2. Neglect User Experience

Once the gifts are distributed, the employers do not take the feedback about the usage and the user experience. This is the another reason why employers are not giving the customized welcome kits as they don’t know the benefits of it.

3. Ignore Employees Psychology

The clear psychology of the employees is hard to understand but if you are taking notes of your every existing employee and make a survey of it by taking the suggestion and feedback then it will become quite easy to understand. But, often employers ignore such things.


In the nutshell, you will need to follow the best practices and neglect the negative points to distribute the customized onboarded kits in Bangalore. 

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