Understanding the importance of speed while delivering consignments in a constricted timeline

As an organization, our primary objective is to ensure client satisfaction. However, at times, we face some challenges that keep us on tenterhooks till the project is accomplished with impeccable precision.

KAMBAR has a reputation for delivering quality products on time. But, sometimes it becomes a challenge to meet the deadlines, and the slightest delay on our part might jeopardize the reputation of our organization. We had received an order to deliver around 100- 125 goodies from one of our existing clients in a very constricted time-frame. Our client, who basically hails from the aerospace industry, needed some gifting products for their employees for a launch event.

The requirement-

The client gave us an order for around 100- 125 corporate gifting products that needed to be delivered the very next day before the launch event.

The challenge-

  • Due to time constraints, we suggested utility products like bottles, mugs, and other essential items that were instantly available. The client did not like the idea.
  • They had a budget between INR 500- 750.
  • They suggested backpacks. With branding being a time-consuming process, delivering the backpacks within 24 hours was a tough task at hand.

The solution-

  • To take up the project and send various backpack designs to the client.
  • Negotiate with the backpack brand and start working on the project after the final confirmation.

The result-

  • We got a confirmation from the client at around 11.30am – 12.00 pm and the products needed to be delivered the very next day before 10 am.
  • The dedication, determination, and untiring efforts of our KAMBAR team, particularly operations, logistics, and the branding team, made the impossible task possible.
  • We received the products at around midnight. So, the biggest challenge was for the packaging department to get the consignment ready on time.
  • Our team accomplished the task before the deadline. We were able to deliver the entire consignment by 8.00- 8.30 am the very next day.

 Client Remark-

When we took up the project, we were in constant fear of failing to meet the deadline. We took up the challenge and even in a constricted timeframe delivered the best products. We got wholehearted appreciation from our client for our hard work.

Our learning:

  • Take up an assignment only if we know it is possible to accomplish the task.
  • Negotiating with the team to get the work done in time.
  • Speed is the most essential factor when it comes to delivering the consignment in a constricted time span.

Valuing teamwork and appreciating employee efforts for the growth of the organization.

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