New Employee Welcome Kit Ideas For Onboarding

What are the New Employee Welcome Kit Ideas For Onboarding ?

It is a hit and trial thing that an effective onboarding procedure helps the employer to get high-quality performance from the newly hired employees. This process triggers the high satisfaction in the minds of the new onboarded comers. Providing welcome kits to the new employees is one of those great procedures. 

But, what are those ideas that you can collaborate on along with your welcome letter for the newcomers? Any ideas? NO. Then, do not hesitate to read this blog that has been only carved to show you the right ways of welcoming your new employees. 

Here’s the list of those surprising recommendations:

What to Give as a Welcome Gift to the New Employees?

All you need to just ponder over the keen details:

1. Kick-Start with a Pre-Starting Package

Existing employees are always curious to read emails related to office news. So, make sure the template of your welcoming email is well-drafted that introduces the newcomer in an exciting manner. On the contrary, all you need to collect is a water bottle, laptop, portable charger, handbook, headphones for calling etc in a backpack. Then, offer it to your new employee.

2. Give them your Brand Name Products

Afterwards, after providing them a hot seat to work, the HR needs to offer the brand products such as T-shirts, watches, calendar, a small table pot, uniform, Office Diaries, Stickers for laptops, mobile holders, desktop pad, etc.

3. Offering a Motivational Book

Later on, you can also give a motivational book to your new comer as a welcome gift so that they would learn something positive and add their energy in their works.

The End Thoughts

In a nutshell, you need to read carefully the above-mentioned tricky ideas to create a wonderful welcoming kit for your new employees to make their day happy. For more ideas keep on reading our blogs on Kambar Group.


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