Mistakes to Avoid While Making Welcome Kits

7 Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing Welcome Kits?

“Simple mistakes can easily shatter the expectations of your new employees from the company.” The only thing that we need to understand here is the varied needs of the new employees. What are their expectations from the organization? All you need to ponder over the slight mistakes that an employer often commits while choosing the welcome kits for the new joinees. 

So, here are some of the mistakes that you need to avoid to create an exciting and surprising welcome package:

1. Without Planning

Planning is the key to outstanding execution. The better will be the planning, the better will be the implementation. It is suggested not to choose random welcome gifts rather go for the proper survey of the existing employees and identify the varied needs of the new joinees. This will give you an idea what to give your newcomer to make them delighted and highly-productive.

2. Opt for Personalized Notes

With the advent of the new employees in the company, all you need to do is just prepare personalized notes or greeting cards for them and place it on their desks. This will make them feel highly welcome in the new atmosphere.

3. Repetitive Gifts

Giving an unusable gift is a different thing but giving repetitive gifts is something which is even worse than that thing. You will need to either remember your last given gift or check out the company’s details. Never repeat the gifts.

4. Wrong Gifting Partner

Sometimes, we are giving our best to others but the situation is not favorable. All you need to make it favorable by choosing the right gifting partner company. You can choose Kambar Group freely and enjoy the shopping from there for your esteemed new employees.

5. Giving Boring Gifts

Get yourself rid of boredom gifts. Being monotonous after opening the welcome kits can be the most disappointing thing for the joinees. So, you need to find out something unique, creative and innovative every year for your newcomers.

6. No Apparel Gifting

Avoid giving T-shirts, caps, jackets and other apparel to the office employees. These can’t make them happy.

7. Ordering Without Speaking to an Expert

Avoid this mistake where employers order the welcome kits for new employees in Bangalore without asking the keen detail to their gifting partner companies. Remember, just to give a call to the expert of your gifting companion organization and then proceed further after having all the details.


All in all, if you want to make your newcomers delighted and give them a unique surprise then you will need to avoid the above-mentioned mistakes.

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