Mastering time and team dynamics to ensure on-time delivery of a large-scale consignment

The demand for personalized and customized corporate gifting products has witnessed a significant upswing in recent times. While customized gifts create a lasting impact on the recipients, a fair share of challenges are faced by corporate gifting companies that strive to deliver products within a limited time frame. 

We had an order of 500 T-shirts, 1000 caps, 300 jackets, and 400 shirts from one of the biggest manufacturing companies. As a corporate gifting company, we have built a reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction by adapting effective strategies, leveraging technology,  prioritizing quality customized products, and ensuring timely deliveries.

The requirement-

The client, one of the biggest manufacturing companies, had a requirement of 500 t-shirts, 1000 caps, 300 jackets, and 400 shirts. Each product had to be customized as per the client’s preferences. The company sought these personalized gifts for all their employees and associates for an upcoming exhibition. The customized items needed to be delivered within a week.

The challenge-

  • A colossal consignment of over 2000 different gifting items
  • Personalization was essential for each product
  • Customization of the gifting products (500 t-shirts, 1000 caps, 300 jackets, and 400 shirts) would have taken more than 10 days
  • The client required the customized gifts within 7 days.

The solution-

  • Segregate the products, negotiate with different vendors, and procure the gifting items
  • Allocate tasks to different individuals to ensure the success of the project
  • Coordinate with the team and frame a comprehensive strategy to ensure hassle-free procurement, customization, and delivery within the time frame
  • Maintain a consistent follow-up process to guarantee seamless customization


The result-

  • The team coordinated with the vendors and procured all the products within the next 4 days
  • Team collaboration and task allocation ensured the seamless customization of each product
  • The packing was executed with meticulous attention to detail
  • The consignment was delivered within the stipulated time frame
  • The client expressed admiration for our punctual delivery and unwavering commitment
  • The employees and associates at the exhibition were thoroughly satisfied with our services
  • A prospect at the exhibition sought our reference upon observing the products we had delivered to our client.

Our learning-

  • Partnering with dedicated vendors to ensure on-schedule delivery
  • Engaging with the team and assigning tasks to each member to guarantee seamless procurement, customization, and punctual delivery
  • Teamwork is the catalyst for innovation and can transform challenges into victories
  • The team is dedicated to giving their best without any time constraints
  • Cultivating a proactive approach to time management when handling substantial orders
  • Acknowledging the collaborative efforts of our dedicated team that turned a challenge into a triumph.

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