Leveraging the team’s efforts and dedication to guarantee unparalleled quality and punctual delivery of products

According to the Markets Report World, the global corporate gifting market which was valued at $696,082 million in 2021, is expected to increase to $1,132,029 million by 2027. Now that’s a substantial growth projection for the gifting market in the coming years! This growth could be attributed to many factors such as a significant increase in corporate events, emphasis on employee recognition programs, client retention, and a growing trend of using corporate gifts for enhancing brand visibility.

At Kambar, we believe that corporate gifting is a strategic tool for driving growth, strengthening relationships, and paving the way for future opportunities. 

The requirement-

The client, one of the largest automotive companies in India, has placed an order for 1000 units of tabletop and Parker pens. These were New Year gifts for their employees. The company logo was to be engraved on each product. This requirement added an extra layer of complexity, especially considering the tight deadline of just 3 days for both branding approval and delivery of the final products.

The challenge-

  • A huge consignment of 1000 gifting items
  • Branding was essential for each product
  • Securing approval for branded products within tight deadlines
  • The client required the customized products within 3 days.

The solution-

  • Establish clear communication channels within the team to ensure everyone is aware of project timelines, goals, and individual responsibilities
  • Plan accordingly to ensure smoother execution even under tight schedules
  • Negotiate with reliable vendors to procure the products on time
  • Streamline key processes involved in procurement, branding, and delivery of the products within 3 days.
  • Foster collaboration between team members to facilitate smooth coordination and quick completion of the task
  • Empower team members to make decisions autonomously when necessary.

The result-

  • Through seamless collaboration with vendors, the team quickly acquired all required products within the stipulated time-frame
  • Synchronized teamwork ensured the customization of each product to perfection
  • Attention to detail was paramount during the packing process, ensuring that each item was carefully wrapped and secured
  • The consignment was delivered punctually as per the agreed-upon timeline, that is within 3 days
  •  The client expressed appreciation for our consistent punctuality and referred us to the Mysuru branch
  • The strong word-of-mouth praise triggered a wave of orders from different locations
  • Every employee was impressed by the products, signaling widespread satisfaction
  • The client personally reached out to our team members to extend gratitude for their work.

Our learning-

  • Collaborating closely with committed vendors to guarantee punctual delivery
  • With synchronized teamwork and comprehensive support, 1000 units can be delivered within a tight 3-day timeframe
  • Despite time constraints, we can propose one-of-a-kind gifting ideas to our clients and deliver quality products on time
  • Recognizing the collective dedication of team members who transformed a challenge into a remarkable success.

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