How to Prepare a Welcome Kit for your New Employees

How to prepare a welcome kit for your new employees ?

Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. It’s the spark that lights a fire of joy in your soul– Amy Collette. It is the famous dictum that you must have heard. Similarly, this applies in corporations too. When you give a welcome kit to the new employees then it shows gratitude towards the receiver. It sets the great atmosphere in the company by spreading a wave of happiness and satisfies the soul of the employees. 

But, what is the thing to know here is – how would you create a welcome kit for the joinees. This we will be enlightening you here:

All you need to ponder over the given points:

1. Scrutinize About Employees

The first and foremost thing to do is just probe about the varied needs of the employees in your company department wise only. If you are going to create a welcome kit for an account section employee, then their varied needs would be diary, pen, handbag/backpacks, pen holder, etc. Likewise, in the sale’s department, you would need to give T-shirts with the company’s logo, reusable water bottles, backpacks, Id Cards, Mobile phones etc. These items are the needs of them. Ponder over the department and create a list of the items accordingly.

2. Consider Employee Preferences

In certain situations, employees do have their own preferences in life. To know about this in detail, you will need to conduct a survey of your existing employees. This will help you to know the psychology of a new employee regarding their expectations and preferences.

3. Choose a Right Gifting Partner

Selecting a right gifting partner company is a matter of shrewdness and smartness. The smarter you act, the better you get. Although, you can scour the internet and have a list of oodles of partner companies for this purpose, choosing a budget-friendly company is something out-of-the-box. Here, you can blindly trust Kambar Group for making it your faithful gifting partner.

4. Be Economical & Smart

Having a cost-effective welcome kit in front of you is the best deal. So, try to get all the gifts and packages within your budget only.

5. Order in a bulk

Ordering in a bulk quantity is always a better decision one can make as it is economical as compared to small quantities. Make sure you are ordering your welcome kits for all new employees simultaneously.

To wrap Up

All in all, you would need to follow the above-mentioned points thoroughly to make your welcome kit for new joinees in Bangalore, amazing and exciting.

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