Guidelines to Follow for Customized Welcome Kit

6 Guidelines to follow while getting customized products in a welcome kit?

As per the well-said quote, “You just have to have the guidance to lead you in the direction until you can do it yourself.– Tina Yothers, It is so true that you need guidelines for those things that you are not fully aware of. Likewise, while getting the customized welcome kit for your new employees, you need proper guidance for what to do and whatnot. 

This we are giving you here. Have a look:

1. Brand Products/Customized Products

When the time comes to create a welcome kit in Bangalore for your new joinees, always remember to go somewhere out-of-the-box with certain brainstorming ideas. Whether the products should be branded or customized as per the varied needs of the candidates. For this purpose, you can choose Kambar Group blindly to order your welcome packages in a bulk.

2. Checking the warranty & Guarantee

While ordering in a bulk, the employers often forget to check out the warranty & guarantee of the products. Never make such mistakes. All you need to do is check out the warranty card and guarantee card of the products and give those to the employees too.

3. Availability of Multipurpose options

It is recommended here to choose the products only that have innovative & multipurpose options such as night lights with an exclusive feature of USB charging feature, Thermosteel coffee mugs, etc.

4. Premium Gift box

Giving premium gift boxes to the new joinees is the new trend that you can opt freely. In this premium box, you can add a water bottle, Coffee mug, keychains, cardholder, penholder, greeting welcome card etc.

5. Choose Products with Branding Possibility

Always choose products on which customization and printing company’s logos are possible. Such items can be like water bottles, coffee mugs, calendar, dairy, handbook, etc. Never choose products such as headphones, or chargers on which printing logos is not possible.

6. Choose Budget- Friendly Products

You don’t need to go out of the budget for making a single welcome kit. Always be under your budget. Follow the company’s policy for creating welcome packages for the new employees in Bangalore. So, select the products as per the company’s budget only.

In the End

In the nutshell, you will need to follow some of the above-mentioned guidelines to make your onboarded kits for the joinees to avoid the mistakes.

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