Finding alternative solution to handle Covid Crisis

The IT sector has been one of the largest client bases for KAMBAR. A major portion of clients we had included some of the biggest names in the industry. When the pandemic occurred, there was a massive shift in the economic dynamics.

The city was abandoned and work from home became a new norm while the big IT firms remained vacant for months. Our business module was affected simultaneously as we had almost no clients to serve.

The requirement –

We needed to immediately create an alternative solution to sustain the business

The challenge –

  • Absence of HR personnel or any official point of contact
  • Quotation finalization depending on the receding global economy
  • Timely product delivery without damage
  • Multiple checks and rechecks to keep track of the delivery addresses.

The Solution –

  • Provide quality solution minus any error
  • Partner with leading courier service for doorstep delivery

The result –

  • Companies were once again able to interact with their employees through health packages, appreciation kits, festive gifts and more due to the prompt customization and delivery from KAMBAR/
  • The joint effort between the Kambar teams helped clients deliver their gifts in time at the doorstep of every employee without fail.

Client Remark –

Clients were pleased with the prompt services KAMBAR provided. Care was taken to deliver every gift undamaged and in time across PAN India. Even the most remote addresses were included in the list without hesitation and catered to.

The challenge faced during this period cemented KAMBAR’s goodwill among the clients and initiated the sense of trust and immense respect for the brand among the clients.

Our Learning:

  • To be able to be innovative and find alternative answers to a crisis is extremely crucial in building the reputation of a company.
  • Precise planning and keen observation can help any plan succeed without hurdles.

Timely delivery and Quality product are crucial elements of any consignment.

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