Festive Surprises: Best New Year Gifts for Employees at Workplace

The New Year is nearly upon us. A time for new beginnings, fresh starts, and gift-giving traditions! For many companies, holiday parties and New Year gift exchanges are eagerly anticipated ways to spread some festive cheer in the workplace. Choosing the right gifts for your co-workers, colleagues, boss, or employees can be tricky. You want something thoughtful, useful, and budget-friendly. Extravagant or overly personal presents may send the wrong message in a professional setting.

To help inspire your workplace gifting ideas for this holiday season, we have gathered some of our favorite New Year treats and small presents perfect for brightening your office celebrations without breaking the bank. Consider these top suggestions on the best New Year gifts for employees as you shop for your upcoming workplace festivities!


List of Best new year gifts for employees

  1. Useful Tech Accessories

In the modern work environment, technology rules all! Help your co-workers plug in and power up their devices with these practical presents:

  • Stylish multi-device charging stations to corral all those cords and cables. Pick sleek wood, marble, or textured styles to suit different tastes.
  • Portable phone chargers and extra backup batteries for when their devices run low during long hours on the go. Look for slim yet high-capacity power banks that slip easily into a bag or pocket.
  • Wireless headphones and earbuds make listening to music and calls much easier when working remotely or in shared spaces. Opt for Bluetooth versions that pair easily with any phone, tablet, or computer.


  1. Customizable Desktop Accessories

Add a personal touch to their daily workspace with customized office supplies and desk accessories:

  • Engraved pens, styluses, notebooks, and business card holders make an elegant impression at meetings and presentations.
  • Photo frames with fun prints or their families help humanize their workspace with happy snapshots.
  • Promotional calendars, daily planners, and scheduler notebooks keep them organized in style year-round. Opt for useful extras like bookmark ribbons, inner pockets, elastic closures, and page dividers.


  1. Tasty Treats & Quirky Snacks

Satisfy sweet cravings and cure snack attacks with these yummy, edible Corporate Gift Hampers:

  • Assorted chocolate truffles, caramels, and holiday candy coated in elegant wrappers and boxes make a fabulous impression. Go for a quality sampler or gift basket showcasing gourmet flavors and fillings.
  • Care packages of classic popcorn tins, salty pretzel mixes, crunchy crackers, cheese pairings, savory jerky, salted nuts, and trail mixes offer tasty variety for pleasing different palates.
  • Fun novelty mugs filled with packets of gourmet coffee, specialty teas, hot cocoa mixes, and flavored drink stirrers; check the “useful gift” box too!


  1. Practical Office Supplies

Skip the whimsical stocking stuffers and stick to sensible presents guaranteed to improve daily office duties with these handy helpers:

  • Plush lap desks for laptops, ergonomic mouse pads, and cushioned wrist rests increase comfort during long computer sessions.
  • Handy desktop caddies with built-in pen cups, Post-It dispensers, phone stands, and business card organizers, all in one convenient spot.
  • Stylish desk lamps, multi-colored highlighters, personalized paperclips, binder clip sets, heavy-duty staplers, and magnetic whiteboard calendars might be boring on their own, but group several functional items together for a delightfully practical gift basket.


  1. Self-Care Sets

Encourage colleagues to practice more self-care with thoughtful gift sets focused on health, relaxation, and work-life balance:

  • Carefully curated coffee and tea sampler gift boxes help them recharge with natural energy boosts.
  • Soothing aromatherapy candles, essential oil rollers, lavender eye masks, and vanilla-scented lotions transform their workspace into a personal oasis.
  • Adult coloring books and fidget toys like stretchy putty, infinity cubes, or clicking pens relieve daily stress during hectic workdays.
  • Mug warmers, electric kettles, mini crockpots, and insulated food jars support better snacking habits with wholesome homemade meals and beverages.


  1. Creative Gift Cards & Subscription Boxes

When in doubt, gift cards and monthly subscription boxes make excellent last-minute options for satisfying all interests and personalities:

  • Multi-merchant gift cards to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, DoorDash, GrubHub, Uber Eats, iTunes, Spotify, Netflix, and Hulu allow flexible spending power for whatever they may want or need throughout the year.
  • Niche monthly subscription boxes like Try the World, Book of the Month, Craft Coffee, or Quarterly Co. deliver exciting Corporate Gift Hampers to their doorstep on your dime!
  • Personalized online gift certificate creators from Giftalove, Giftster, or Giftly allow customization of gift cards to the recipient’s unique interests and hobbies.


  1. Luxurious Office Upgrades

Elevate drab workspaces with high-end accessories that add executive flair to desktops. Create an executive oasis with high-end accessories designed to elevate any workspace.

  • Opt for handcrafted leather desk pads in rich hues like mahogany, chestnut, or black. Choose substantive styles with anti-slip bottoms, built-in calendars, durable stitching, and padded wrist cushions for ergonomic comfort during long hours at the computer.
  • Pick sleek glass or crystal paperweights, some engraved with inspirational quotes or monograms, to hold important papers in place. Consider metallic organizers for letter trays, sticky notes, and supply caddies that lend a luxe feel.
  • Stationery sets with cotton resume paper, linen envelopes, and fountain pen sets make written communications equally elegant.
  • Solid brass bookends, Scandinavian wood business card holders, gold bar paper clips, and framed name plates also help cultivate a refined, productivity-enhancing environment.


  1. Succulent Gardens & Plants

Inspire creativity and cheer amid office drudgery with living succulent gardens and low-light houseplants. Help colleagues invite nature’s beauty into sterile office environments with living succulent gardens.

  • Choose hardy mini cactus plants, colorful flowering kalanchoe, sculptural aloe vera, or trailing string of pearls perfect for brightening desktops. Opt for unique terrariums housing compatible succulent varieties artfully arranged amongst pebbles or decorative sand.
  • Air-purifying spider plants, lucky bamboo stalks, and bonsai trees also filter indoor air while invigorating spaces with lush greenery.
  • Gift in natural wooden planters, ceramic pots, galvanized buckets, or upcycled teacups. These living gifts oxygenate the air, boost focus, and delight the senses with delightful textures and charming shapes sure to spruce up any office.



As the celebrations commence this holiday season, any of these festive New Year gift ideas are guaranteed to impress your professional connections. Make the office festivities more memorable this holiday season by selecting some of the best New Year gifts for employees highlighted above. Finding that perfect present can be challenging, but as long as you consider usefulness, budget, work-appropriate branding, and a little extra thoughtfulness, your workplace gifting is sure to be a huge success!

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