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Ensuring just-in-time delivery of consignments in a ‘tight-supply’ situation

As an organization, we always strive to give the best to our clients. However, sometimes, we face some crisis situations that force us to look for alternate ways or rather go to the extremes to ensure supply continuity. Sometimes, we are left in a tight supply environment when pressure builds up from the client’s end, but we are left with ‘zero’ stock.

Over the years, KAMBAR has built a reputation for supplying quality products on time. The problem is, even a single delay can tarnish this reputation. That’s a challenge that we face as an organization. We had an order of 400 t-shirts from an IT company in Bangalore. This company also has a branch in Mumbai and the order was for both Mumbai and Bangalore offices.

The requirement-

The client gave us an order for 400 t-shirts for both its Bangalore and Mumbai offices. The order was placed on 21st December and needed to be delivered before New Year’s Eve.

The challenge-

  • The delivery had to be done before 31st
  • There was a paucity of stock and time was limited.
  • After stock procurement, we had to work on the branding before delivering the final product to the client.

The solution-

  • Negotiate with the supplier and procure the stock.
  • Complete the branding procedure and dispatch the consignment on time.

The result-

  • We were able to procure the stock from the supplier finally on 27th December and that too around midnight.
  • The dedication and efforts of KAMBAR employees made an impossible task possible.
  • Members from the logistics and branding team worked tirelessly for the whole night to accomplish the task and delivered the consignment before 31st December to both locations.

Client Remark-

From the time we received the order till we delivered the consignment, it was a bottleneck situation for us. Constant follow-ups and conference calls became a norm in those few days. KAMBAR teams experienced constant pressure from the client’s end. We were able to deliver the consignment on time even after so many hurdles. So, we have an assurance that our client will be considerably more interested in our services in the future.

Our learning:

  • Understanding and analyzing the bottleneck situation and buying more time from the client.
  • Understanding the supplier’s processes and procuring stock before taking up large-scale orders.

Valuing teamwork and developing a strong bond with the employees for the betterment of the organization.

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