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Help Your New Employees Start Their Journey

As a new employee, starting a new job can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience. It’s natural to have a lot of questions while starting their exhilirating journey in a new company. That’s why companies need to provide new employees with a comprehensive “Joining Kit” or “New Employee Welcome Kit” to ensure a smooth transition into their new role.

Creating the Best Kits with Kambar Group

At our Kambar Group, we understand the importance of welcoming and supporting new employees. That’s why we have created a “Welcome Kit for New Employees” to provide new hires with all the information, materials, and merchandise they need to feel informed and prepared for their new role.

Create the Perfect Welcome Kit for New Employees in India:

  • Welcome Letter: A letter from the CEO or supervisor welcoming the new employee to the company and outlining their role and expectations.
  • Company Information: Information about the company’s mission, values, culture, and history.
  • Employee Handbook: A comprehensive guide to the company’s policies, procedures, and benefits.
  • Contact Information: A list of key personnel, including HR and the new employee’s supervisor or manager, with their contact information.
  • Office Map: A map of the office or facility, including the location of key areas such as the restroom, break room, and parking.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: A list of frequently asked questions and answers about the company and the new employee’s role, including any specific to India.
  • Company Swag: A company t-shirt or other branded item to help the new employee feel like a part of the team.
  • Small Gift: You can also include a small gift to show appreciation for the new employee joining the team.
  • Employee Onboarding Plan: A plan outlining the steps the new employee will take during their first few weeks on the job and its responsibilities. 
  • Information About Local Laws and Regulations: It could be beneficial to include information about local laws and regulations that may be relevant to the new employee’s role.

Creating a Lasting Impression with Employee Welcome Kits

New employee welcome kit is a great way to start your new employee’s journey with your company on the right foot.  A well-designed welcome kit can set the tone for the new employee’s experience and make them feel valued and appreciated from day one. Here are some tips for creating a welcome kit that will leave a lasting impression:

  • Personalise It: Make the welcome kit personalised to the new employee by including their name, job title, and start date. This will make them feel special and show that the company has taken the time to make them feel welcome.
  • Make it Memorable: Include items in the welcome kit that will be memorable and make the new employee feel special. This could be a small gift, a company t-shirt, or other branded items.
  • Provide Useful Information: Include information in the welcome kit that will be useful to the new employee, such as a map of the office, contact information for key personnel, and a guide to company policies and procedures.
  • Show Company Culture: Include items in the welcome kit that showcase the company’s culture and values. This could be a letter from the CEO or a video that gives a behind-the-scenes look at the company.
  • Make it Interactive: Make the welcome kit interactive by including a scavenger hunt, puzzle, or a game that will make the new employee feel engaged and excited about the company.
  • Make it Sustainable: Consider including sustainable items in the welcome kit, such as a reusable water bottle or a plant, to show your company’s commitment to the environment.

Benefits of Giving the Welcome kit to New Employees.

Giving a welcome kit to new employees can improve their onboarding experience, increase engagement and motivation, and improve retention rates. It can also enhance the company culture and provide a positive first impression for the new employee. Additionally, it can be cost-effective and customised to cater to the specific needs of the new employee. Overall, a welcome kit can make a big difference in how new employee feels about their new employer and set a positive tone for their experience with the company.


As an Indian-based company, we understand that starting a new job can be overwhelming. That’s why we have created a comprehensive “Welcome Kit for New Employees” not only to help new hires feel more informed and prepared for their new role but also to help with employee retention and satisfaction. A well-designed welcome kit can set the tone for a positive and productive employee experience. As a company, investing in the onboarding process and making new hires feel welcomed, supported, and valued is crucial.

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