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In a world where first impression matters a lot of businesses are continuously seeking options to welcome and express their gratitude to the employees, clients, etc. One of the methods which have gained a lot of popularity these days is the use of customized welcome kits. These go beyond traditions and offer a personalized experience for the employees as well.

Ready to delight your team with something extraordinary? Kambar is here to provide a wide range of innovative and customized welcome kits and gift options. The company provides a variety of options for choosing services that are widely catered to the corporate and industrial sectors across India. Whether you are looking for something to gift to your clients or something for employee appreciation, Kambar is the perfect solution for all your needs at affordable prices.

In today’s fast-paced, moving world, making a forever-lasting impression is quite difficult. It is a key to building strong relationships and making the other side comfortable. If you’re an entrepreneur or a boss who wants to give an everlasting welcome to their clients or employees, welcome kits are the safest option for you.

Kambar aims to provide the best and most customized welcome kits for your clients or employees. We understand the importance of creating and establishing a relationship and thus give you the option to customize your welcome kit for employees to have a unique and innovative experience.


How to get Started?

Getting started with Kambar groups for Customized welcome kits for new employees is quite easy. You can reach out to us with your specific requirements, budget, and preferences so that we can work on the customization of the welcome kits accordingly. Our dedicated team will closely work with you to create a customized welcome kit. From concept development to final delivery we handle Every aspect with utmost love and care.


Why have a customized welcome kit?

When everyone is busy moving forward, it becomes necessary to show gratitude to your employees. Offering a new employee a welcome kit leaves a significant impact on both business and recipients.

Some of the basic benefits of having a welcome kit for your employees are:


A customized welcome kit not only makes the employee feel valued and appreciated but also allows you to add a personal touch and gives you the option to resonate with your employees. We believe in making the welcome kit personal including and incorporating branding elements, notes, customized gifts, etc which reflect the company’s values and preferences.

Brand Representation

Welcome kits that are customized as per the preferences of the company help the organization serve as a tangible representation of the company and also reinforce the brand identity and values. It leaves a positive impact on the brand and hence makes the employees feel valuable.


Tailored to preference

Welcome kits for employees can be tailored as per the company’s preference by providing an advantage to add gifts that are meaningful and can improve your brand values. Whether you want to include a specific theme, color, or products we are here to customize them as per your taste and preference.


Enhance engagement

Along with increasing brand values and many more, gifting a new employee welcome kit also helps to increase engagement and loyalty amongst the employees with the company. When the recipients feel the welcome kits are curated for them, they feel more connected to the business and its Mission.


Memorable experience

Customized welcome kits leave a memorable experience for recipients. Companies that are running globally have already adopted the concept of welcome kit and hence it leaves a lasting impression, fostering positive relationships and encouraging continued engagement with the business as well.


Kambar groups Customized welcome kits: A closer look

Innovative, unique, and multiple gifting options

The welcome kits we offer are not just about handing the gifts to our customers, they are more about creating memories and building a strong relationship. At Kambar we offer a great range of unique gifting options that are sure to increase your engagement with employees.

Whether you’re looking to welcome new employees or to appreciate the existing ones, these welcome kits by Kambar are a one-stop solution for all.


Personalized touch

Personalized touch is the key to our customized welcome kit, which we add to each kit that sets us apart. We are interested in giving you the best experience with a personalized welcome kit. Kambar Group believes in making the kits personal by incorporating various elements according to your preference and needs such as branding, personalized notes, gift boxes, logos, etc. that reflect your company’s values and preferences, which helps in strengthening the connections. Whether you want to have a hamper of snacks or tech gadgets, we take care of your preference and give a personalized touch to the items to be kept in the welcome kit.


Brand Representation

We are well aware of the importance of brand Representation. For the same, we customize your welcome kit in a manner that highlights your brand identity, brand color, brand message, etc to leave the brand footprints for a long time.


Wide range of options

We had a wide range of options available for customized welcome gifts. We understand that every organization has its unique preferences and tastes, and keeping this in mind, we have a wide range of options available for customized welcome kits. We offer a smooth functioning of customizing the welcome kits. You can order from a wide range of welcome kit options and customize them as per your taste.


Affordable price

A customized welcome kit is a convenient way of giving a warm welcome to a new employee, which not only saves your time but also your efforts. These welcome kits are available at an affordable price and can be pre-packed in front of you. You can order these welcome kits for your new employee as per your taste, preferences, and, of course, your budget.


Assurance of quality

The products and materials used to customize the welcome kit are of great quality. We use products that are eco-friendly and which are pocket-friendly as well. We want to assure you that the quality of the products used is top-notch and is thus a perfect option for new employees. You can now explore the wide variety of options of welcome kits hassle-free.


Ready to Delight

With our personalized touch, a wide range of options, top-quality products, and affordable prices, we are ready to help you welcome your new employee with these welcome kits.  Look no further than Kambar Group. We are dedicated to helping you create unforgettable experiences through our innovative welcome kits and curated gifting options.


Exceptional service

We, the Kambar group, are committed to providing and delivering exceptional services from start to finish. As already mentioned above, our team works closely with our clients to deliver the best products as per the requirements and expectations. We value our client’s time and thus we take utmost care of time deliverables as well.

Make a lasting impression with the personalized welcome kit designed by Kambar groups based on your preferences as well. We are ready to delight your team with our personalized touch, experience, and a wide range of options.


Items to be carried out in a welcome kit

There are multiple options available to add to the new employee welcome kit. To make a positive impression and to make them feel special, creating a welcoming and informative new employee welcome kit is essential. Here are some ideas for items to include in a new employee welcome kit:

Welcome letter

We can create a personalized handwritten letter from the CEO or manager highlighting the excitement about the new joining and what can be expected in the upcoming days.


Company Handbook

A company handbook or manual can be added to the welcome kit, which may include all the policies, procedures, and information about the company.


Office Essentials

You may customize the office essentials as per your preference, such as a notebook, pen, organizers, sticky notes, bottle, or coffee mug as well depending upon your preferences at affordable prices.


Company Swag

You may customize the company-branded swag, which includes a t-shirt, hoodie, cap, etc. which is again an exciting factor for the employees to receive them.


Welcome kit brochure

We help you create a personalized welcome kit brochure as well as detailing an overview of the company’s history, mission, vision, etc.


Personalized note

We provide you with the option of customizing handwritten notes for a new employee as well which makes them feel happy and excited.

A customized welcome kit is a powerful tool for businesses to create visibility outside of the office.

Kambar Group’s innovative and customized welcome kits are more than just gifts; through these welcome kits, you may express appreciation, gratitude, and thoughtfulness. By incorporating these items into a new welcome kit, you can create a warm and inclusive onboarding experience as well. So what are you waiting for? Get started today and discover the personalized hampers. Contact us now for more information and to customize the welcome kits as per your preference.

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