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Do you agree that new employees’ first day at the office is a momentous occasion? These make an opportunity to make a first positive impression, set a huge blast of experience, and welcome them. An easy-language joining kit for employees guides you on what you are expecting and how to engage with the new group of people. It’s just the same as a roadmap of your journey with all the information of the organization you are easy to fit in and show your effective work. It is designed to make a new person feel welcome and informed, helping them to work smoothly into their new role or community.

At Kambar, we understand the importance of making new employees feel welcome, which is the cornerstone of a successful appreciation and a part of the team from the time of day one of joining the process. It is critical to get off to a good start with them and build a strong professional relationship so they can be productive immediately. That’s why we are excited to introduce our Joining Kit – a unique way to welcome new members to the team and start their journey with the new organization.

A joining kit at Kambar Group is just like a welcome wrap that introduces you to a new group of people or organization, like a club, company, or team. It consists of the necessary guidance and items to help you get started and feel comfortable. The joining kit included things like an outline of the group’s aim and objective, going ahead with membership rules and regulations, and contact information for key people.

Why Choose Joining Kit Gift By Kambar Company?

Our joining kits for employees often include information about the company culture and values. This helps the new employee understand what makes the company tick and how they can contribute to its success. It might also include details about employee perks and benefits, like healthcare plans or gym memberships, to show the new hire that they’re valued and supported.


Making personalized gifts for them is the greatest thing they could receive! By customizing a present based on the recipient’s personality and role within the organization, you establish a rapport right away and help them feel important and at ease. Our Joining Kit reflects your company’s working culture and values, making your employees feel connected and valued.


We offer things that can help the new hire adjust to the firm smoothly. For example, a laptop, a notebook, a helpful tech device, etc., show that you have thought about their needs and want them to succeed. Our high-quality, useful, and pleasing gift items that the new employees will appreciate and use.

Eco-Friendly Culture Options

When we make a joining kit box, add things that reflect your brand’s culture, environment, and ideals, such as a business T-shirt, eco-friendly gift kits like plants, a humorous item, a branded water bottle, and so on, to build a sense of belonging and make the new employee feel valued by the organization. Our Joining Kit is not only thoughtful but also useful and sustainable.

Customizable Packages

Our corporate joining kit should include resources that promote learning, journals, dairy, and development in new employees. This could include online courses, training materials, books, and so on, which assist them match their career ambitions and goals. We also offer customization options that match your company’s needs and budget.


Ideas of Joining Kit For New Employees

Our joining kit for employees is like a deep hug from the company; it’s a way of saying “welcome aboard” and making the new employees feel like they’re part of the team from day one. It’s a practical and real gesture that sets the tone for a positive and constructive working relationship.

Across the courtesies, the joining kit includes perks and benefits that the company is praising for its workers. Whether it’s discounts at local businesses, some wellness programs, or invitations, these efforts show that our new company is important for your development and wants you to flourish both in and out of the workplace.


Employee Diaries

Provide a branded diary or planner to help the new employee keep organized and on track with their tasks. A well-designed diary provides a practical purpose while also reinforcing the company’s productivity and efficiency goals.

Handwritten Welcome Note

A handmade welcome message personalized on the welcome kit while showing sincerity and thanks. It’s a simple yet effective gesture that shows the new employee that they are valued and welcomed by their new team and organization. Handwritten welcome cards are a great addition to your welcome gift because they are simple to write, don’t cost much, and improve the experience of your new hires.

Customized Office Supplies

Office supplies are the most basic but necessary component of the welcome kit for desk workers, whether they operate remotely or in an office. Provide your new staff with office products that will make their daily work experience easier, such as notebooks and notepads pens, markers, and highlighters. Post-it notes and office storage boxes, folders, envelopes, business cards, staplers, paper clips, and scissors. Office cleaning package includes cleansing wipes, spray for desk and screen, hand sanitizer, and cleaning gel. Focus on goods that your employees genuinely require to avoid unnecessary clutter on their workstations.

Office Accessories

Some numerous devices and gadgets can make desk workers’ lives easier and more enjoyable, whether they work in an office or remotely. We’ve provided a few possibilities below.

Wireless Mouse

A wireless mouse provides flexibility and convenience, allowing the new employee to easily and comfortably browse their computer.

Laptop Microphone

In today’s remote work environment, a good laptop microphone is important for virtual meetings and conference calls to ensure clear communication and collaboration.

Laptop Stand

A laptop stand promotes ergonomics and well-being by improving posture and relieving pressure on the neck and shoulders during lengthy work hours.

Customized USB Drive

A customized USB stick provides a practical storage solution while also reinforcing corporate identity and awareness, helping to integrate the new employee into the company culture.

Coffee Mugs

Branded coffee mugs boost productivity and camaraderie while making new employees feel at home in the workplace kitchenette. A personalized mug gives a touch of familiarity and comfort, establishing a sense of belonging in the workplace.


Get Start With Kambar Today

Are you ready to get an extensive range of joining kits for new employee options and make a beautiful impression on the new member of your team? Our team will create a new joining kit gift package on your behalf. Contact Kambar Group today to know more details about our joining kit gifts and how we customize them to maintain and fit your company’s unique and different cultures, traditions, and needs.

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