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Delivering quality service in a constricted time frame

As an organization we have to deal with clients from various sectors. Sometimes retainer clients who have been with us for a long time may want to try alternated options as well. One of our major IT clients of 4 years with whom I did over 70 transactions wanted to work with a competitor for a project.

Over the years Kambar has built a steady repertoire of consistently providing quality services. So, it was a surprise when we were not awarded their project in October of 2022. However, they came back to us a few weeks later with the same project.

The requirement –

Client required us to deliver the product in a limited span of time due to the delay

The challenge –

  • The delivery had to be done within a very constricted time frame
  • We had to add massive value to the services rendered
  • The pricing had to be compatible with the client requirement

The Solution –

  • Provide quality solution minus any error
  • Give an optimal price range as per the market standards

The result –

  • The joint effort between the Kambar teams helped in delivering the entire project in time.
  • We have 90 percent client retention due to excellent service delivery

Client Remark –

The company representative promised to return back to us again. However the reason was because of the quality service we provided rather than the past relations that we had built with them. They trusted our work and knew we would stand up to our commitment.

Our Learning:

  • To be able to work under intense pressure and a limited time frame is a challenge we can handle well when we work as a united front.
  • It is always a positive attribute to take a step back and respect the client’s choice.

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