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Customised jersey sets for a corporate sports event

Client satisfaction is of utmost importance to build a network and a long lasting business impression. The constant need to prove your potential and overcome the challenges with the best solution enables the team to push their abilities.

Over the years KAMBAR Corporate Gifting has had many clients with specific requirements. We were able to provide custom coutured solutions to everyone. However, once in a while, the answer is not easy.

The Ask

Client required us to deliver football jersey sets for 26 teams

The Challenge

  • The delivery had to be done within 3 days
  • 26 different colors representing each team

The Roadblock

  • Each team jersey needed a company and a team logo to be printed at the front.
  • Individual team player names and numbers had to be printed on the front and rear..

The Solution –

  • The color –

We suggested the client repeat a few colors as 26 different hues were not available within such short notice.

  • The Team jersey –

Worked non-stop for three days collaborating with the printers to create 390 jersey sets for 26 teams with 15 players in each team.

The result –

  • The joint effort between the operations team, design and printing team and the branding person helped us deliver the entire project in time.
  • There was zero error in the printing of the individual player details for the jerseys created.

Client Remark –

The company representative came to pick up the finished product themselves and praised us immensely for delivering a faultless consignment in time.

Impressed by our remarkable team effort, the M.D of the company visited our office personally to thank us during his recent visit to India.

Our Learning:

To be able to work under intense pressure and a limited time frame is a challenge we can handle well when we work as a united front.

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