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Corporate Gift

To build trust, loyalty, and enduring goodwill in business relationships, corporate gifting is essential. Kambar, a corporate gifting company arranges heartfelt expressions of appreciation that make an impression that lasts beyond the boardroom. Personalised experiences are now valued by businesses, which go beyond simple business transactions to develop relationships and create bonds.

Corporate gifting companies in Bangalore provide innovative gift-giving options and ideas that focus on creating unique experiences for customers. Kambar concentrates on creating unique movements that express a story by getting to know the minute details of your occasion, audience, and brand. Genuine excitement is sparked by Kambar’s carefully chosen gift selection, individualised touch, and flawless delivery. 

Kambar provides a range of gift choices, such as gourmet cooking lessons, cultural immersions, and handmade hampers, for different occasions. To help organisations show thanks and develop enduring relationships, they want to break out from the generic gifts and help create unforgettable events, lasting connections, and distinctive appreciation stories.

Kambar, a corporate gifting company in Bangalore is a one stop solution for all your gifting needs.

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Budget Friendly Gifts

Kambar provides budget corporate gifts that grab attention and make an impression. They offer handcrafted coffee blends, street food kits, and locally sourced scarves. We also offer eco-friendly tech accessories and phone stands, showcasing the city’s commitment to sustainability.

Our aim is to offer moments beyond material gifts, bringing recipients to the heart of Bengaluru. We offer curated street food tours, cultural performances, glamping retreats, cycling tours, and volunteering opportunities. Kambar believes in personalising budget gifts for employees to celebrate connections and share Bengaluru’s spirit.

New Year Gifts

Instead of generic greetings, let’s celebrate loved ones with gifts that whisper, “I know you.” This New Year, let’s turn well-wishes into experiences that resonate. Handcrafted delights, such as silk scarves, sculptures, wallets, and keychains, are also some out of many available in the option as new year gifts for employees. These presents bring the essence of Bengaluru to any occasion and are infused with the spirit of the season.

Kambar offers best in class new year corporate gifts, offering eco-friendly accessories, immersive cultural experiences, and personalised touches. We will help you create a lasting impression on those who matter most.

Christmas Gift Hamper

Kambar offers unique and personalised corporate Christmas gifts that go beyond the usual. The hampers include curated coffee blends, hand-stitched boxes with traditional sweets, spice explorer kits, craft beer hampers, and local Kombucha subscriptions.  For tech-savvy innovators, the hampers include wireless charging pads made from recycled materials, noise-cancelling headphones made with sustainable bamboo, and personalised phone cases showcasing company milestones. 

Christmas gifts for employees are designed to evoke the magic of Christmas, strengthen bonds, and leave a lasting impression on the hearts of the recipients.

Welcome Kit

Welcome gifts to new employees give warmth to newly joined. Welcoming them with the best quality and carefully chosen gifts would foster joy and connection. 

To encourage a feeling of togetherness, we provide hand-picked sweets, Coorg coffee, and hand-painted coffee mugs. Welcome kit is not just a way to express happiness to the newly joined but also a way to tell the person how important he/she is to the firm. 

Corporate welcome gifts are one of the specialised categories which Kambar excels in. These kits also include resources for personal growth, regional delicacies, access to skill enhancement platforms and a sense of belonging within the company. This sweet gesture of gift giving even increases the firm’s reputation.

Farewell Gift

Kambar offers the best collection of corporate farewell gifts to celebrate achievements. These gifts are not just objects, but tangible reminders of shared experiences and the value of each employee. 

These include personalised farewell videos, preferred dining experience, gift cards to bookstores etc. Kambar also extends the spirit of celebration beyond the individual by gifting the team a custom mural or sponsoring a volunteer day in their name. Our team of gifting experts takes the time to understand the dynamics of your team, the personality of the departing member, and the emotions that swirl alongside the goodbyes. 

We offer heartfelt farewell gifts for employees that resonate with a company’s values, expressing gratitude for employee contributions and fostering a sense of shared responsibility for ethical practices and community well-being.

Birthday Gift

In the world of business, birthdays are more than just a passing occasion; they are a celebration that deepens the ties that bind staff members to the organisation. Birthday corporate gifts can serve as a means of fostering appreciation, igniting personal development, and promoting communication. 

Giving gifts that encourage sustainable products or support charitable activities can also benefit society as a whole. Personalised electronic items can serve as effective recognition tokens in the digital era. Birthday gifts for employees make them feel as an important part of the firm.

Work Anniversary Gifts

Work anniversaries are significant milestones in a company’s success, and they deserve meaningful corporate anniversary gifts that reflect appreciation and strengthen bonds. Kambar offers a unique approach to celebrating work anniversaries, focusing on creating memorable experiences that spark joy and solidify commitment. These include personalised learning subscriptions, immersive workshops, shared adventures, handcrafted delights, tech-infused gifts, and personal touches. 

These gifts can be personalised, crafted with care and intention, and can be a tangible symbol of the company’s values. Well-chosen employee anniversary gifts, whisper “thank you” to individuals and amplify the chorus of appreciation that defines a respectful workplace.

Joining Kit

One essential tool for helping new hires feel connected and at home is with an employee joining kit. It’s a well-designed box that blends our feelings with a narrative about the company’s culture, beliefs, and regional flair. It seeks to show respect and acknowledgement while bridging the gap between recruiting and absorption. The kit may include handwritten maps of neighbouring cafés, handmade notebooks loaded with motivational quotes, and a laptop bag bearing the company’s name. 

Technology also serves as a bridge, enabling the digital native with things like personalised mouse pads with team caricatures or noise-cancelling headphones. It can also have a QR code that opens personalised video messages from coworkers, promoting fast friendship and easing early fears. Gift for newly joined employees is a narrative rather than a purchase and it strengthens employee engagement, boosts morale, and fosters a sense of belonging.

Sustainable Gift

Sustainable corporate gifting is a growing trend in today’s conscious consumption era. It offers a powerful way to celebrate achievements, build loyalty, and weave a greener narrative into a brand story. Sustainable gifting can be a powerful tool for eco-conscious choices, nurturing growth, promoting mindfulness, handcrafted delights, eco-friendly tech accessories, and personal touches that show dedication to the planet. Examples include water bottles made from recycled glass, organic treats, meditation apps, yoga classes, and  kits focused on sustainable hobbies. 

Additionally, eco-friendly tech accessories can enhance productivity and foster connection. Personal touches, such as handwritten notes or upcycled materials, can leave a lasting impression on the employees. Kambar, a company that specialises in sustainable corporate gifts, believes that every milestone deserves a celebration that shines as brightly as the company’s commitment to the planet.

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