Best Dusshera Gifts to Make the Festive Season Special

The festive season has arrived, which increases the happiness level for individuals. They get excited to meet close friends or family members after a long time during Dusshera.

However, a few individuals get tensed about what to gift their family, friends, colleagues, or others. Gifts become a source of connecting individuals in the festive season whom you might not have met in years and even cherish new relationships.

But, stay thoughtful before gifting anything, as some things often hurt feelings rather than improve the connection. You may choose affordable items & still make this festive season memorable for the receiver & you.

Make Way for Traditional Dusshera Attire

You may give different clothes to your family members, keeping colour, texture, and especially the Dusshera festival in mind.

For instance, gift your mother a saree to make her feel more special, ranging from beautiful organic cotton, hand block-printed, handwoven silk, to many other sari types.

Take special care about not picking those colours your mother thinks are inauspicious for festivals as per custom. You may buy a kurta for your father & your little brother, salwar suits for your sister, and even accessories to match their attire.

Keep Decorative Items for Your Closed Relatives

People decorate their houses during the festive season & you can help them in this process by gifting them with Dusshera-themed things.

You may offer your loved ones a photo frame featuring Ravana, Lord Rama, or other symbols associated with Dusshera.

Individuals can make Dusshera gifts more valuable when they select kitchenware, wall hangings, table accessories, and stationery items.

You may opt for the wristband, mobile phone case, Dusshera-themed puzzle, plant saplings, candles, lanterns, and feast hamper during the Dusshera festival.

Surprise Your Family With a Puja Kit or Cooking Set

You can make your family happier by gifting them a puja kit as a Dusshera gift containing all the necessary items.

The equipment may have things essential to perform the puja, including idols of Lord Rama, Sita & Lakshmana, incense sticks, coconut, camphor, and more.

You may opt for family cooking sets like utensils, aprons, or cutting boards with Dusshera-related designs, making them memorable.

Cherish Your Friendship With Personalised Dusshera Gifts

Your friends will remember you even when they remain busy at work once you gift them a Dusshera-themed stationery set. It may have notebooks, pens, planners, sticky notes, pen stands, and other relevant items, especially for those who enjoy writing or organizing.

You may offer your friend scented candles and wall art as the best and most thoughtful Dusshera gift. Candles would fill their ambiance with sandalwood, jasmine, rose, cinnamon, or other fragrances, and wall art would add beauty to their house.

You may choose fashion accessories, a personalized mug, a recipe book, festive lights, a sweets & snacks hamper, a gardening kit, & other things as per your friend’s interest.

Stay Thoughtful About Other Not-So-Close Relatives or Neighbours

Individuals may increase their network in and outside family or friends when they connect with their relatives or neighbours. You may offer Dusshera gifts to acquaintances after putting some thoughts about their likings in general.

For instance, you may gift them Dusshera-themed keychains, fridge magnets, bookmarks, sticks, greeting cards, paper lanterns, and decorative hangings. Sweets or coffee mugs add more intimacy during this festive season and help celebrate Dusshera with happiness.

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