Are you satisfied with your employees and their varied needs about gifting?

An organization can successfully run and grow when the employees are active and happy about their role and are genuinely interested in contributing to the overall growth. Rewarding them with appreciation and recognition can go a long way in ensuring continued quality deliverance. 

Known as “positive affirmation”, this is the most crucial element that can help in acknowledging their contribution while promoting productivity amidst employees. While festivities and special occasions are the most perfect time for gifting the employees with souvenirs and trinkets, there are many other relevant scenarios where gifting is considered an important aspect.

As an employer, you may be concerned about the gifting choices and if the gifts are suitable for the employees. To minimize the doubts, it is always best to choose gifts based on certain specific criterias. 

  • Create a budget 

An uniform budget for every employee/department/section ensures nobody is discriminated against. Allocated budget helps in planning the gifts better and adjust additional factors like remote location shipping charges etc accordingly.

  • Utilitarian choices are always more welcome

A gift that can serve a purpose is alway appreciated more than a memento or showpiece. Choose a gift that can be of assistance and it will be used more. The constant presence of the gift within the line of sight will also boost the morale of the employees.

  • Gender and religion neutral choices are safer

Your organization is a blend of men and women from all across the country who may or may not practice different religions. It is important to choose gifts that are centered around specific religion or gender. For instance colors like pink and blue are gender specific just like cross, swastik, half moon etc are specific to certain beliefs. 

  • Occasional customization for better impact

Customization with specific greetings or company logo adds an added element of belongingness to the gifting experience. In a way, the company logo in any gifting article also becomes a publicity mascot for the brand. 

  • Festivity themed gifting 

From Id and Ganesh Chaturthi to Christmas and Guru Purnima, every celebration in India is a beautiful caricature of the huge cultural amalgamation we are known for. Hence it is always a positive reinforcement if festive greetings and gifting during all the major celebrations are a part of the company structure.

  • Engraving for accolades and achievements

Personal achievements as employees should be appreciated to encourage better work culture. Hence it is a very good idea if personal achievements are appreciated with trophies and mementos with personalized engraving as a distinguishing factor.

Are you still wondering why you need to put so much effort into gifting and how it can be of benefit to the organization?

Gifting is a small yet effective showcase of warmth and care as an Employer. It encourages better two way interactions between the leaders and employees and helps in maintaining this continued chain of communication. The other positive attributes of gifting includes –

  • Constant boost of confidence among employees
  • Healthy competitive streak to perform better
  • Personal and professional skill growth
  • Constant employee involvement in decision making
  • Equal workload distribution
  • Better employee relations and communications
  • Generates more ROI
  • Motivates employee retention
  • Recognition of talents and contributions

Your employees are your chance to expand your business further and help it grow. Appreciate their endeavor and your company will have the strongest pillar of constant support for years to come. If you have the right guiding hands, choosing the perfect gift for your employees can be easy. With Kambar Corporate Gifting, create a perfectly personalized gift palette for your employees based on their requirements and your budget. 

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