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A Blueprint for Success: How clear communication, proactive engagement, and uncompromising quality ensure client satisfaction and employee happiness

As a corporate gifting company, Kambar prioritizes client happiness by curating personalized and thoughtful gift selections that resonate with their preferences and corporate culture. By leveraging premium products, seamless delivery, and exceptional customer service, we can create memorable experiences that reflect the client’s values and enhance their relationships.

Baseline Happiness: 

According to a report by Giftsenda, a large percentage of employees and clients appreciate well-thought-out corporate gifts, with 76% preferring gifts they can share with family or teams, and more than half of the recipients, around 52% tend to continue doing business with a company after receiving a gift​.

The fact is, thoughtful gifting can improve client retention, boost employee morale, and enhance brand image, ultimately contributing to a positive corporate culture and increased business success.

One of India’s leading IT companies, boasting a workforce of over 7500 employees, approached us with a requirement of 300 customized t-shirts. The referral came from a trusted source—an old client who had transitioned to the IT sector and recommended our services to their HR department.

We aimed to deliver the best to ensure that the client’s every gesture of appreciation was impactful and meaningful.


Bringing beaming smiles on employees’ faces as they unwrap their gifts:

Step1: Understand the requirements of the client

Step 2: Contact the specific vendors to procure the stock

Step 3: Ensure seamless customization

Step 4: Prioritize open and clear communication within teams to navigate any challenge and ensure smooth delivery

Step 5: Schedule regular check-ins with the client to touch base, provide updates, and address any questions or concerns they may have

Step 6: Follow up with a gentle reminder if there is no response from a client within a reasonable timeframe


Our Journey:

  • The IT company’s HR department reached out to us with a specific request for 300 branded t-shirts to be used for an upcoming event. The procurement process escalated swiftly to the Head of the Purchasing Department. Our challenge lay in meeting the client’s expectations promptly while ensuring the quality and branding standards met their stringent criteria.
  • Understanding the importance of timely communication, we promptly engaged with the HR department to discuss their requirements in detail.
  • Leveraging our expertise in branded merchandise, we curated a selection of 10 different t-shirt designs, each meticulously crafted to reflect the company’s brand identity and ethos.
  • To ensure transparency and alignment, we submitted samples of all 10 designs for the client’s review and approval.
  • Our proactive approach extended to addressing any concerns or queries raised by the client promptly, thereby instilling confidence in our ability to deliver as per their expectations.
  • We received confirmation over email from the IT company’s HR department after a couple of days.
  • The swift turnaround time, coupled with our attention to detail and commitment to quality, impressed the client and reaffirmed their trust in our services.


By prioritizing clear communication, proactive engagement, and uncompromising quality, we not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations and made every employee HAPPY. 

Happiness Quotient:

  • Client Satisfaction: Exceeded expectations, strengthening client relationships and trust.
  • Employee Happiness: Fulfilled and empowered employees, contributing to a positive workplace culture and high morale.

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