7 Exquisite Welcoming Gifts for New Employees

What Items Should a Welcome Kit Contain?

Are you wondering what to give your office employees in a welcome Kit? Unquestionably, you would be in a dilemma right now. Isn’t it? 

So, if you are in such a fix of what to do and whatnot then you are in a right blog where all your bafflement would be sorted out with fantastic ideas of onboarding welcome kit for new employees.

What to Add in a Welcome Kit for New Employees?

As human beings, we all are familiar with the fact that even a small cheer and small gifts given to a person at the right time makes a great pleasure. These small gifts can be anything that can make your employees overwhelmed. Hence, we have created this blog to let you know what are the amazing and unexpected welcome gifts for employees.

Let’s have a look at these given points:

1. Backpacks

We all are familiar with the significance of backpacks in the office and outside of it. Your employees can place all their belongings in it. You can customize these backpacks and get your company’s logo on the top of it. This will leave the brand impression in the eyes of the employees as well as outsiders too.

2. Office T-shirts

This is one of the perfect welcome gifts for employees in India if you are including it in company SWAG (Stuff we all get). It looks classy having a brand logo in the left shoulder. This will also enhance brand awareness too along with a happy smile in the faces of your esteemed employees.

3. Office Supplies

There are several office supplies that are to be given while hiring an employee. These supplies can be laptop, portable charger, wifi dongle, USB data cable, mouse, etc.

4. Handbook with a Pen

On the first day of office, you need to give your employees a handbook with a good pen. It is a must-have thing in the hands of the employees. All the crucial notes will be written on it. Hence, it will make your employees satisfied with your company.

5. Reusable Water Bottles

Being hydrated is the key to become healthy and in the current scenario is a must-have handy thing one can keep. Adding a robust reusable water bottle to your company SWAG will be very useful for your employees.

6. Customized Headphones

Now, this customization thing is really interesting. Any company can give headphones but getting it customized for your employees would give a next level impression.

7. Customized Playing Cards

Last but not least, you can also go for playing cards gifts in a customized form. Your employees will get elevated by seeing this on their hands.

In a nutshell

All in all, if you want to add some out-of-the-box customized welcome gifts for your employees then you can directly shop from our Kambar gifting website. Hurry up!

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