5 Must-Haves for an Effective Employee Welcome Kit

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From the very beginning of their job career, you, as an employer, want to make sure recruits feel supported and welcomed. Providing them with an excellent employee welcome package is a terrific way to do this. A welcome kit is a collection of goods and information that will assist your new workers in becoming acquainted with the culture, policies, and expectations of your organization. This blog will review the top five must-haves for an effective employee welcome package.

Welcome letter

Any effective employee welcome package must include a personalized letter from the company’s executive team. This letter should communicate the company’s delight about the new employee’s coming and include a brief history, mission, and values summary. It’s also a good time to define the employee’s job and duties and set performance objectives.


Company Merchandise is an excellent method to make new employees feel welcome. Merchandise like customised t-shirts, water bottles, notebooks, and pencils can be included. These products are not only a pleasant gesture, but they may also be useful tools for your new workers’ jobs or personal lives.

Employee manual

A company’s policies, processes, and expectations are outlined in an employee handbook. Attendance, dress code, safety requirements, and a code of behavior should all be included. Including a copy of the employee handbook in the welcome package can assist your new recruits in understanding your business culture and values and set expectations for their behavior in the workplace.

Contact details

Ensure your new workers have access to the contact information of their immediate supervisor, HR representative, and other team members. The welcome package includes the business details, including its phone number, email address, and physical address. 

Onboarding Checklist

An onboarding checklist is an excellent tool for keeping your new recruits organized and ensuring that they complete all required activities during their onboarding process. This checklist should contain items like configuring their email and computer, completing mandatory training, and meeting with their supervisor or team members. Make your new recruits feel secure and prepared for their new position by including an onboarding checklist in their welcome package.

Welcome your new employees in style with Kambar Group’s new employee welcome kit! Our carefully curated kit includes a personalized welcome letter, merchandise, an employee manual, contact details, and an onboarding checklist to help your new hires feel welcomed and supported from day one. Set your new employees up for success and seamlessly integrate them into your company culture with Kambar Group.

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