4 Do’s and Don’ts for Making Welcome Kits

Top 4 Do’s and Don’ts you need to Know Before Making customized Welcome Kits ?

You are making a huge effort to make a customized welcome kit in India. Right? In such efforts, you will have to know some Do’s and Don’ts while making your onboarded welcome kits. In this blog, we have carved such categories that will enlighten you to the most extent:

What are Do’s:

1. Employee Persona

All you need to understand the interest, varied needs, and wants of your employees first before giving anything in the welcome kit.

2. Emphasize Personalized Gifting

Personalized gifts have been always appreciated in the company as it fulfills the needs and wants of the employees. So, focus on this and prepare the onboarded kits having all the attractive gifts.

3. Ensure Superior Quality

Always go for the best quality products under your budget. Longevity will speak once the product will reach the hands of the employees.

4. Take Care of Feedback

You will need to take the reviews of your existing employees and make a survey plan within the company. Their reviews will give you an excellent idea about the needs, wants and expectations of your new joinees.

What are Don’ts:

1. Ignoring Notable Occasions

There are some notable occasions in the company like the first day of working, birthday in the first week of joining etc that you need to focus and try to give welcome kits on those days only. This will make your new joinees happier and important than ever.

2. Ignoring Complaints

Never ever ignore the complaints of the employees. Regularly check out the suggestion box and the complaint box of the company so that you would know more about the employees mindset and expectations.

3. Distribution Scheduling

Do not go for any random date to distribute your welcome kit. Schedule the date of distribution like on a specific date within one week of the joining. This will give your employees a feeling of speciality and importance in the company.

4. Imbalance Between Team and Management

Check out the balance between the team of employees and the management. Healthy office relationship is the key to all the success and goodwill of the company. Do not ignore this healthy relationship.


In the nutshell, you will need to ponder over the above-mentioned Do’s and Don’ts so that you can make your employer delighted.

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