3 Questions to Ask to your Gifting Partner

3 Questions to ask your Gifting Partner before Creating Customized Welcome kits?

Choosing a welcome gift for a new employee is not as easy as eating pie. You will have to be aware and smart for it. It is not like ordering stationary, office supplies, lighting, computers or even your normal swag such as sweatshirts, shirts or t-shirts etc. It is more about gifts that can promote your brand value and satisfy the needs of the new employees in an innovative and creative way so that the joinees will get enthusiastic and delighted.   

There are many questions to ask your gifting partner before ordering your customized welcome kit for new joinees but we are here letting you know the main 3 questions. Here’s a list:

1. Multiple Options

All you need to check out first and foremost is whether the product has multiple and innovative functions or not. If so, then give a ring to your gifting partner and confirm the same. You can choose us, KambarGroup, to order your welcome gifts anytime.

2. Turned Around Time

The biggest and the most important thing here is to ask: how much time will be taken to deliver the requisite products. Through this, you can plan your date of distribution also.

3. Packaging

You will have to ask how much they will charge for the entire premium package? What are the packing charges? And what type of packing you will do to refrain the products from wrecking during transit. Such confusions should be clear at the very first beginning.


In the end, you will need to know that asking questions to your gifting partner company is the need of your process of welcome gifts preparation. So, do not forget to complete this procedure too and enjoy your distribution of onboarded kits for new employees.

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