3 Myths About Customized Welcome Kits

3 Myths about customized welcome kits to match the employees needs ?

Matching the varied needs of the new employees is the aim of the employers that they do with the help of welcome kits. Customizing it is the secondary thing that meets the needs of the joinees. But, in the procedure, the employers still have some delusion about preparing the onboarded kits that we will be discussing here in this blog.

All you need to ponder over some Myths that are hovering into the minds of the Employers.

1. Extraordinary Expensive

Due to lack of knowledge and the selection of the right platform, employers mostly think that customized welcome kits for new joinees are extraordinarily expensive. They can’t go beyond the budget so it will not be so good to choose customization options. But, this is a myth. All you need to know here is that every product is available at a wide range of prices. If you want to buy budget-friendly items then you can order that only. No need to worry about the budget.

2. Extra Time-Taking

Customization is not the extra time-taking process if you are in the right partner of your gifting company. Besides, for the regular and existing customers nothing is time-taking. You need to just order your items in bulk and talk to the expert of the gifting companies. They will let you know how much time they will take.

3. Untimely Delivery

You can get the welcome kits in Bangalore on time with us. There will not be untimely delivery. You will be given a fixed date and by that date your products will be sent to you. We follow the thorough professionalism and hassle-free service process.

You can directly reach the Kambar Group website and order.


In the nutshell, you will have to avoid these myths and follow the right and authentic process of making welcoming kits. This will make you satisfied also.

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