10 Practices that can promote higher employee satisfaction

We often say that a child reflects what teachings parents ingrain in them. Similarly, employee contentment is the best reflection of how a company operates. Employees are the building block of any organization. Their input is the driving force behind the successful output showcased in the company records. 

Hence it is very crucial to keep the employees happy and satisfied. Acknowledging their contribution through gifts is the best solution. The added notion of personalization of each present makes it extra special. 

Are you wondering how to make the gifts extra special? KAMBAR has 10 tips that can facilitate better employee satisfaction.

1. Offer Branded Products

It is always best to avoid no-name products as gifting choices. The brand name products are reliable and often of better quality. The aesthetic appeal and durability factor make them psychologically more valuable to the employees.

2. Personalized Gifts 

The best way to show appreciation towards everyone working in the organization is by paying attention to personalization. Birthdays and other special occasions are the best time to shower individual attention. Combined with personalized name tags and cards, the gifts often make them feel more welcome and company inclusive.

3. Survey

Surveys can tell a lot about what is in the mind of the employees collectively. Occasional surveys help get an overall estimate of the employees’ interests and likes. The assessment makes it easier to curate a definitive plan to support and help them.

4. Innovative Approach

A quote says, ‘Innovation is the mother of all invention.’ What it means is anything different and unique is bound to draw attention. Innovative gift customization adds an element of uniqueness to any gift, thus increasing its emotional value.

5. Premium Packaging

Premium packaging adds a visual appeal and enhances the feel-good factor of any gift, regardless of the occasion or the person involved. No one likes shabby appearances, primarily if it consists of a gift. A well-conceptualized packaging always evokes a feeling of care and appreciation.

6. Personalized Greetings

Adding further into the element of customization, one of the main ways to make any employee feel welcome and a valued part of the organization is to address them individually through personalized greetings.

7. Eco-friendly products

Eco-friendly alternatives are a common practice among the newer generations. KAMBAR has already created a new product line of Eco-friendly gifting solutions, RAFTER catering to this high-demand sector. Sustainable and green gifts are not unique and safe, but they also preach an ideology that can be essential for the planet’s future.

8. Health & Wellness Routine

Work will always be stressful, regardless of how comfortable one’s workspace is. Keeping in mind the changing lifestyle and schedules, employees feel appreciated and happy when their employer takes an extra step towards improving everyone involved in the organization’s growth. Employees love health supplements, and a healthy trail mix is a perfect gift.

9. E-vouchers

Nothing can feel better than choosing what one wants and when one wants. E-vouchers give employees the freedom of choice to invest in things they desire or need instead of multiple gifts of the same type.

10. Adventure Gifts

Everyone loves adventure. Any gift that has an element of adventure, employees will love it. It’s a great stress buster, and the concept of anything that can help one divert from the traditional norms is always a welcoming addition.

The golden rule of a successful enterprise is that the employee productivity is proportional to the job satisfaction. Gifts curated with individual and unique appeal can enhance the satisfactory quotient, thus promoting better retention and loyalty.

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